Incentives & Opportunities

The launch of special technology zones marks the beginning of an era of dedicated and integrated national knowledge-based ecosystem in Pakistan.

Investing in Pakistan: The Gateway to the Future

Being the second biggest market of the South-Asian region, Pakistan
has a lot to offer:

  1. Strategically located to become Asia’s premier trade, energy and transport corridor.
  2. Among the top ten accelerated business climate reformers globally.
  3. Ranks 2nd in South Asia in terms of ease of starting a business by the World Bank.
  4. A large pool of skilled workforce and competitive labor cost.
  5. 63 percent of Pakistan is the Youth.
  6. Potential for BPO Industry.

Special Technology Zones Authority: Incentivizing the IT Future of Pakistan

Special Technology Zones of Pakistan are offering wide ranging tax exemptions for a period of ten years to facilitate and empower the zone enterprises and ensure their continued upward momentum while investing in the future of Pakistan and its information technology industry. The incentives include:

  1. Exemption from all income taxes (withholding tax, presumptive tax)
  2. Exemption from Custom Duties and Taxes
  3. Exemption from Property Tax
  4. Exemption from General Sales Tax on Goods and Services
  5. Exemption on Dividends and Long-Term Capital Gains
  6. Special Foreign Exchange Regulations and Foreign Currency Accounts